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About us

Henley is proud to be different

We have pledged to develop leadership for a fairer world, to inspire and empower individuals and to make business better. We aspire to developing future-focused and responsible leaders who are ready to carve a path for a more sustainable future. 

We stand out from the pack, think the unexpected and put people first. We believe that the world needs fairer, purpose-driven and human-centric leaders, who can see beyond their organisational context. Our mission is to help leaders see the wider impact and global context of their work.

With campuses, offices and partnerships around the world, over 7,000 students from more than 100 countries and over 97,000 alumni from 160 countries, we are a truly international business school.  

Henley Business School is a triple accredited business school and part of the University of Reading. It is ranked number 1 in Finland in Executive Education and EMBA. 

Henley as your Partner

We’re trusted by thousands of organisations and individuals to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to succeed. We value a close and trusting relationship with our customers and our priority is to make them and their business thrive. 

We work together with you to cultivate your leadership and talent as well as amplify your capabilities through development programmes, consultancy, coaching and insight. 

Henley puts personal development at the heart of learning and education. You don’t just learn a list of facts and theories, but develop and apply your learning to real-life situations. Examining issues around ethics and sustainability and building an understanding of the wider global impact of business on society.

This creates leadership with strong business acumen. Henley leaders create both financial and social growth by making tough choices on ethical decisions and strive for positive change in order to decrease inequality and increase diversity. 

Purpose & Values

We develop leadership for a fairer world: Henley leaders are fair leaders.


We bring business to life by offering the opportunity to live, breathe, practice and create business.  

We develop leadership for a fairer world: Henley leaders are fair leaders. Our environment is both diverse and driven. We’re committed to making the world fairer and that means developing leaders who actively do good. Our leaders create businesses that enhance the lives of their stakeholders and make their own organisations places where people thrive.

As a business school we are proponents of the power of education. By providing pioneering and exceptional business and management programmes, Henley inspires and empowers individuals to become leaders who are equipped to make business better.   

Because we pledge to make business better, we know we cannot afford to stand still. Just like the world’s fast-moving industries, we survive and thrive by ensuring we provide the highest quality learning, development and knowledge to equip leaders for today and tomorrow. That means taking a global approach and, with more than 97,000 alumni from 160 countries, we are proud to be a diverse and truly international institution.    

 We strive for success and achieve rewards, just like those intelligent, high-achieving business minds who are attracted to the place that’s always bringing business to life.


Our core beliefs of being human, bringing passion and braving change can be seen in all that we say and do.

Acting responsibly and doing the right thing are ingrained in our DNA while our energy for making business better is nothing short of infectious.

Being Human

We act responsibly, fairly and consider the impact on others and our societies.

Bringing Passion

We energise & motivate people with the clarity and excellence of our thinking.

Braving Change

We speak up, disrupt and are proud to be different.

History & Legacy

The rich and vibrant history of Henley Business School spans seven decades.


Henley Business School began life at Greenlands, UK, at the end of the second World War. It aimed to bring together both public and private sector employees from across the country, to promote ‘the exchange of ideas to mutual advantage’ and develop their skills for the future. 

We’ve stood for progress and bravery since our creation in the 1940s. Promoting and instilling the ideas of free enterprise, global leadership, inclusion, humanity and human rights has been part of our purpose for over 75 years. We value and champion everyone and focus on making business better.

Students working with South African NGO

Over the years, both the programmes offered and the individuals attending diversified. The Henley MBA was launched in 1985, and shortly after, Henley began the journey to become a truly international school. The MBA was also launched in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa over the next decade. In 2008, Henley Management College merged with the University of Reading, to offer a full portfolio of business education.

Transformation. No other word quite describes the Henley method for imparting knowledge. For decades, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators have been equipped by an extraordinary array of talented educators drawn from across the globe. Henley’s diverse offering has been crafted to meet the ever-changing needs of the world of work, transforming in the same manner as generations of its learners.

Sustainability & DEI

We are building a culture where equity, diversity and inclusion are ingrained in our vision and values. We want our colleagues to feel empowered to make a difference in the workplace, and our diverse student body to thrive as they develop into the business leaders of the future.

"Henley Business School is committed to ensuring equity and diversity is core to how we work together to create a supportive and inclusive working environment. We believe that staff and students should be treated with respect, provided with opportunities to progress, and to bring their whole selves to work. We see diversity as encompassing all protected characterises under the Equality Act as well as unprotected characteristics such as socio-economic class."

Dr Miriam Marra and Dr Melissa Carr

Directors of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Rankings & Accreditations

During the past forty years, Henley’s reputation has grown within executive education and MBA programmes. In 2002, Henley achieved the distinction of triple accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and the European Quality Improvement Service (EQUIS).


in Finland in Executive MBA and Executive Education

Top 20 Global Top Executive Education provider

20 yrs of being a triple accredited business school

Our Team

As a team we are motivated by making your dreams come true and being your trusted growth partners. We live according to our values of being human, bringing passion and braving change. But most importantly, we believe in succeeding together. How can we help you to succeed ?

Paula Kilpinen

Paula Kilpinen

Managing Director & Executive Coach
Mobile: +358 40 509 0894

Saara Karhula

Saara Karhula

Business Director, Corporate Solutions & Executive Coach

Mobile: +358 50 577 9435


Matti Katara

Matti Katara

Business Director EMBA and Open Programmes & Executive Coach
Mobile: +358 46 850 5858

Annu Matula

Annu Matula

Senior Advisor & Executive Coach
Mobile: +358 40 506 5486

Paula Sääski

Paula Sääski

Senior Programme Manager
Mobile: +358 50 62078

Salla Nurminen

Salla Nurminen

Customer Engagement Manager
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Juha Junttila

Juha Junttila

Project Manager
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Tytti Rekosuo

Tytti Rekosuo

Growth Marketing Manager
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Anastasia Karhu

Anastasia Karhu

Project & Event Coordinator
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