Corporate solutions


Corporate solutions

Customised solutions for organisation and people development

Think of Henley as your end-to-end partner in organisation and people development. As a trusted partner, we stand by you and help you to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that empowers your organisation to thrive.

We believe that your people are the driving force for your organisation’s renewal and sustainable growth. Our aim is to enable your organisation to unleash your purpose and full potential – so you can achieve your most ambitious goals. 

Our expertise is holistic. We solve organisational challenges, cultivate talent and maximise the impact of your leadership talent through development programmes, consultancy, coaching and research to support your business success. 

We have been recognised as a Global Top 20 Executive Education provider (FT Ranking 2023). With us you work with world-class professionals.

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This is a story of organisation empowerment

Henley Finland is one of a select few global business schools to hold triple-accredited status from UK, European and US awarding bodies.


"In the spring of 2021, Paree Group launched a comprehensive group-wide development programme in partnership with Henley Business School Finland, aiming to elevate leadership skills. Despite encountering unexpected challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict in Ukraine, the programme's timing proved serendipitous.


By bringing together leaders and talents from diverse group entities, we cultivated new connections and reshaped the organisational landscape. The programme's impact was profound, leading to a realignment of our collective purpose, a redefinition of our values, and a significant boost in collaboration.

These outcomes have fortified our ability to navigate the dynamic global business environment with agility and resilience.”

- Mika Hagberg, CEO at Paree Group




The core pillars of our solutions

We partner with you to help you develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours that empower your organisation to thrive so you can achieve your most ambitious targets.

Our staff and faculty consist of a unique blend of academic experts, practitioners, adult learning, and behavioural change specialists. They work with you to develop the capabilities your people need to thrive.



Our development programmes support in creating high-performing organisations capable of driving strategic renewal and implementing transformational change. We bring expertise, challenge and range of solutions to develop individual leaders, leadership teams and improve succession. All our programmes are designed in close cooperation with you to ensure business impact. 



Our coaches are experts at bringing the very best out of individuals and teams to reach new heights. Our aim is to make sure the benefits are felt both with the individual, team and throughout their organisation. The Henley Centre for Coaching has created much of the innovation around coaching and represents world class knowledge on coaching.



We use our deep expertise, research, and insight to diagnose our clients’ challenges. And advise them on how to navigate their transformation journey, from talent management to organisational development, and strategic thinking into effective implementation.  




Research and Insight

Our research centres work with organisations and advise them on how to tackle their business challenges. Applying insights to the challenges of leadership today, like knowledge management in the digital age, creating customer-centric cultures, or developing creativity through entrepreneurial thinking.  


When the only constant is change, we need to back the innovators and optimists. The pioneers who are ready to reimagine the future and re-examine the challenges of today, and tomorrow.




01 Leadership

Developing leadership for tomorrow's world  

Leaders face complex systemic challenges, and we support you to tackle these challenges and help to transform leadership to create positive change. At Henley, we believe in sustainable and human-centric leadership. We use an eclectic approach to find the right leadership development solution for you. 

Examples of our leadership development solutions: 

  • Defining values, culture and leadership principles 
  • Leadership and culture development programmes 
  • Leadership team development 
  • Executive, Team and systemic coaching  

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02 Strategy and change

We believe true organisational change comes from within. 

Strategies don’t do anything, people do. We help your organisation to respond to the challenges that dominate today's uncertain business world. We empower your people with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to drive strategic change and drive your organisation forward. 

Examples of our strategy and change offering: 

  • Analysing organisational challenges 
  • Supporting strategy implementation 
  • Defining and implementing people and culture strategies 
  • Transformational change programmes 

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03 Talent and capability

People are the driving force for sustainable growth

We enable organisations to unleash their purpose and full potential – so they can achieve their most ambitious goals.

We transform your talent management approaches and deliver solutions to develop your talent and in-house capabilities. 

Examples of our talent and capability offering: 

  • Defining and developing strategic capabilities and competences 
  • Strategic workforce planning 
  • Talent strategies and development 
  • High potential and future leaders development programmes

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with Henley on the Top Leader programme we designed together to deliver the targets that were necessary for our strategy execution. The expertise, knowledge, customer focus and highest quality in everything was spot on!

Tarja Takko Founder & CEO, Takko Advisory, Former EVP of People & Culture at Ahlstrom

Our faculty

With us you get to work with world-class international faculty.

Meet our people





Organisations we have worked with

"What I expect from executive education providers is the ability to listen to the customer and understand the business needs and context. They should also provide forward-looking insights, while being agile and flexible.

Maria Lundell

Henley Business School Finland is capable of meeting these expectations. They provide spot-on solutions that enable making sense of change, building the community and developing future skills."

- Maria Lundell, Executive Vice President, People & Culture, Blastr Green Steel

Work 2028 - Trends, Dilemmas and Choices' report

This report by Henley Centre for Leadership features interviews with 50 influential business and societal leaders from several countries to identify 16 projections on how work and leadership will look in 2028. 

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