Sari Mannonen |  My Personal Executive Coaching Journey at Henley Business School

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Published 7.6.2024

Coaching Leadership

6 Months of Personal Executive Coaching with Henley Business School Completed. What a Journey!

In today's fast-paced business environment, effective leadership is essential. We had the chance to speak with Sari Mannonen, SVP of New Business & Hydrogen at Helen and a Board Member at Neste, about her transformative experience with Henley Business School’s executive coaching programme. During our conversation, Sari shared how the executive coaching process has reshaped her approach to leadership and why she believes it’s essential for every leader.

What did you gain from the executive coaching process for personal development?

I learned so much about:

⚡Myself and Different Profiles

⚡Shifting Horizons

⚡The Seven Transformations of Leadership

⚡Leading Change

⚡Emotional Intelligence

and so much more!

It is vital to have a coach you can trust 100% and who can delve into your thoughts and experience, and match it with the right tools and concrete next steps to go forward in your current situation.

How did the coaching process help you develop as a leader?

A lot of debate, discussions and laugh, changing angles and perspectives, making me understand how to use my strengths and develop my certain habits that may not be the best ones. In addition, Paula Kilpinen’s book, Inhimillinen strategia offered new angles for implementing a winning strategy - through agile teams and with the right strategic competencies.

Would you recommend executive coaching to other leaders?

I can warmly recommend Henley’s personal executive coaching and especially Paula Kilpinen, whom has an incredible talent to immediately recognise your strenghts and development areas, mirror it against the position, team and the current situation of the organisation, summarise your talk into actions - and create a development plan together to grow as a leader.

People and Purpose first. Learning continues forever. We can always be better.

Interested in unlocking your organisation's leadership potential?

Henley Business School's corporate solutions offer a wide variety of executive coaching services both for executives as well as executive teams in organisations. Our coaches are trained for eclectic approach, which ensures that our customers are always provided with the most suitable tools and approaches to help them use their full potential to thrive and grow.

At Henley our aim is to make sure the coaching benefits are felt both with the individual, team and throughout their organisation. Our corporate customers can find their best growth partner within Henley’s international coaching pool that represents world class expertise and strong commitment to the customer and their business’ growth.


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