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September 2024


9 months

Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching

The Henley Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching programme will appeal to anyone who wishes to develop their coaching skills, either from within their organisation or as an external coach.

With us, you deepen your coaching skills with our world-class faculty and with other experienced professionals.

The programme is the only university-level and triple accredited (ICF, EMCC, AC) coaching programme in Finland. It is designed for leaders, coaches, and practitioners with some previous knowledge or experience in coaching.  

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When leaders use coaching skills on a daily basis with their team members, they hold purposeful conversations resulting in greater collaboration, increased awareness and responsibility, higher performance and, ultimately, sustained behaviour change. 

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We offer the only triple accredited university-level coaching programme in Finland

Executive Coaching at a glance

  • Learn and practice a large variety of coaching tools, techniques and approaches
  • Become a resilient, confident and diverse executive coach
  • Learn to lead your team with coaching approach
  • Improve your interaction with colleagues and clients

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Key facts

Next intake



Helsinki and UK

Tuition Fee

6,900 € (+VAT)


9 months (61h) + 10h mentoring coaching


7 workshop days & online sessions

Henley PCEC goes beyond the established coaching competencies and tools; it’s deeply rooted in evidence-based science and research yet acknowledges the mystery in human potential. Who we are is how we coach. Research has established that the most important factor in coaching success is the alliance between coach and coachee. Therefore, the program not only provides coaches with the mindset, approach and tools of an Executive Coach, but also gently helps you to uncover your essence; adding space, depth, awareness, presence, authenticity... and playfulness. 
Anna Storbacka-Eriksson Founder & Executive Coach, Amani Coaching & Associate, UNLOQ L&D
Anna Storbacka

Content and schedule

The programme content is research-led yet highly practical. It explores topics such as coaching competencies, coaching tools & techniques, and coach self-awareness.

You will learn and practice a large variety of coaching tools, techniques, and approaches to become a resilient, confident, and diverse executive coach.

The Henley Centre for Coaching is a world leading academic research center for coaching and the learning contents are drawn from the latest coaching studies.

The duration of the executive coaching programme is 9 months. It includes 7 workshop days divided into three modules as well as online studies, coaching practice and reflection.

You will also receive 10 hours of mentor coaching from highly experienced certified executive coach. The programme also consists of reflective assignments and final assessment.

Schedule for the September 2024 intake

September 2024 intake workshop schedule and locations:

  • 13 – 14 September 2024 (Helsinki)
  • 10 – 12 October 2024 (Henley, UK)
  • 14 – 15 November 2024 (Helsinki)

In addition to the group mentor coaching and supervision sessions, there will be 3 individual one-to-one mentor coaching sessions with the mentor coach. These dates and times will be agreed separately with the mentor coach.

Group Mentor Coaching session 1  
17.12.2024 / 18.12.2024

Group Mentor Coaching Session 2
7.1.2025 / 8.1.2025

Group Supervision Session 1

Group Mentor Coaching Session 3  
25.2.2025 / 26.2.2025

Group Mentor Coaching Session 4                
11.3.2025 / 12.3.2025

Group Supervision Session 2


Learning experience

Our aim is to create resilient coaches. Individuals who can coach effectively and appropriately in a range of settings, and with a high level of self-awareness, confidence, understanding and competence.

We enable you to develop your coaching skills by bringing to our programmes a wide range of evidence-based models, tools and techniques, together with the underlying psychological frameworks.




During the programme, you will broaden your knowledge, understanding and skills, and develop a psychological mindset which creates wider possibilities for behavioural change.

At Henley you will learn from a faculty of highly experienced senior-level practising executive coaches, with strong grounding in both psychology and executive education.

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The Henley coaching programmes go far beyond simply teaching skills and coaching techniques. They emphasise the coaches’ own reflective behaviour and awareness, giving participants the ability to employ a wide range of reflective techniques and create wider possibilities for behavioural change.

Benefits for you

  • Wide range of methodologies and psychological frameworks providing the skills needed for different coaching situations 
  • Ongoing feedback and supervision to build your confidence and competence
  • Membership to the Henley Centre for Coaching for the programme duration, with access to coaching webinars, journals and research as well as networking
  • Henley alumni membership 

Benefits for your organisation

  • Possibility to strengthen coaching culture in your organisation
  • Leaders who apply coaching approach and are able to unleash the potential of your people
  • Enhancing organisational change and renewal as well as continuous learning and innovation

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Tuition fee & application

The tuition fee for the programme is 6,900 € (+VAT), excluding accommodation and travel costs. 

For small groups within the same organisation we offer following discounts:  

  • 10% for 2-4 people 
  • 15% for 5-9 people 

Henley alumni are eligible for a 10% discount.


Please download and fill in the application form to join the programme:

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You can return the filled application to

We will send you an acceptance letter once Henley admissions team has reviewed and accepted the application


Difficulties in choosing the right programme?

Read our blog, participate in events and listen to our  podcasts for more insights on coaching.

Frequently asked questions 

A certified coach is an individual who has completed a formal coaching training and has obtained a certification from a recognised coaching organisation or institution (ICF, EMCC or AC). Coaching certification is typically awarded after individual has successfully completed training that covers coaching principles, methodologies, ethical standards, and practical skills. Certification programmes usually include a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical coaching experience, and assessments.

The coaching profession is not universally regulated, and there isn't a single governing body for coaching qualifications. However, certifications from well-known coaching associations or institutions, such as the ICF, are widely recognized in the coaching industry. When seeking a coach with a specific qualification, individuals often look for those who have completed accredited training programmes or possess certifications from reputable sources.

A "Level 1 coaching qualification" generally signifies the foundational or entry-level certification in a coaching programme. It covers basic coaching principles, communication skills, and the establishment of coaching relationships. Obtaining a Level 1 qualification typically involves completing a training programme offered by a recognized coaching organization, providing individuals with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to begin their coaching practice. The specifics can vary between coaching bodies and programmes. For example, the initial tier within the International Coach Federation (ICF) is referred to as the ACC level.

The highest level of coaching certification is often referred to as the Master Certified Coach (MCC). This designation is commonly offered by professional coaching organizations such as the International Coach Federation (ICF), which is widely recognized in the coaching industry and worlds largest professional coaches organisation. At ICF, the MCC level signifies the highest level of proficiency, experience, and mastery in coaching.

Executive Coaching focuses on individual development, involving confidential one-on-one sessions to address personal or professional goals. In contrast, team coaching centers around improving the collective performance of a team, emphasizing shared goals, team dynamics, and open communication. While individual executive coaching encourages personal accountability and tailored interventions for personal or professional growth, team coaching involves facilitating discussions, group exercises, and interventions aimed at enhancing overall team collaboration, performance and development. The impact of individual coaching is on the individual, while team coaching's scope extends to the collective success and dynamics of the entire team. Both coaching approaches have distinct applications, catering to individual and team-level needs.

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