Challenge what the future holds

Author Niina Tuttavainen

Published 30.4.2020

Executive MBA

“Nobody said it was easy, no-one ever said it would be this hard…” As I was writing my latest assignment, I felt like either Chris Martin or Spotify could read my mind.

Yes, doing the MBA is a real challenge, but challenging in ways I hadn’t anticipated. The content and teaching is thought provoking, the people in my cohort are inspiring and bright and I really look forward to my weekends at the stunningly beautiful Greenlands campus.

So, where is the challenge? The biggest challenge is balance. Unlike my days as a university student, I am balancing a full-time job, a personal life and studies. But, although this might seem daunting, it is a truly rewarding experience.

I am now a true ninja of time management – what did I do with all that time before my MBA? I am a queen of prioritisation – What’s important? What’s urgent? What can I delegate?

The Henley MBA has opened doors for me that I never thought would even be there, never mind open. I have gained immeasurably in self-confidence – so much that I recently accepted a new job offer for a more senior position in a new company!

Thanks to the Henley MBA, I am gaining a holistic view of business, rather than just focusing on my organisation. This has broadened my horizons and allowed me to consider many more paths for my future career.

Perhaps I will explore a new department or sector? Perhaps I will consider starting my own venture? Whatever happens, I am confident that I have built the skills and networks to set me up for success.

Des’ree’s taken over my Spotify playlist, so…. “challenge what the future holds” and you’ll be surprised to see what’s in store!  

Written by Catherine Williams


Niina Tuttavainen

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