The Five Faces of Curiosity

Author Dr Brennan Jacoby

Published 14.4.2021

Executive education Leadership

What do Albert Einstein, Audrey Lorde, Yo-Yo Ma, Nikola Tesla and Frida Kahlo have in common?

They all owned their curiosity. They might have exemplified curiosity in different ways, but each gave time to the things that caught their attention. With Einstein it might have showed up as wonder, for Lorde we see curiosity in the form of courage, with Ma it’s curiosity that shows up as empathy, for Tesla imagination comes to mind, and with Kahlo curiosity takes the shape of tenacity. But all are equally excellent exemplars of curiosity.

Too often the trappings of professional life hold us back from realising our full potential when it comes to curiosity – and prevent us from achieving the innovative solutions needed to solve the complex challenges of this time.

We'd like to invite you to press pause and explore with Dr. Brennan Jacoby, Associate of Henley Business School and Founder of Philosophy at Work, about how you can own your curiosity a bit more boldly in this short video.

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Dr Brennan Jacoby

Dr Brennan Jacoby

Brennan is a philosopher and the Founder of Philosophy at Work, an organisation helping businesses develop their adaptive and analytical capabilities. Brennan holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D in philosophy, and his doctoral work analysed trust in the context of interpersonal relationships and corporate character. In addition to his role with Philosophy at Work, Brennan is an Associate of Henley Business School and a Fellow at the Royal Society of the Arts.