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Coaching@Henley, Episode 3: Julie Williams talks pro bono coaching

Puhujat Dr Rebecca Jones, Aboodi Shabi, Viki Rice

Julkaistu 19.3.2024


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Can we ‘switch off’ being a coach? Julie Williams talks pro bono coaching; working with clients who aren’t engaged.

Dr Rebecca Jones is joined by lecturers in coaching Aboodi Shabi and Viki Rice. This episode starts with a discussion on the topic ‘Can we switch off being a coach – and should we?’ 

This is followed by our expert interview with Julie Williams. Julie is founder of Lighting Fires and a senior, highly experienced Executive Coach delivering Team and one to one training across the public sector, FTSE 250 companies and start-ups. Julie provides voluntary coaching through Coaching Reading. The episode finishes with the team answering a listener question: How do you deal with a disengaged client?

Coaching@Henley is a brand-new podcast series from Henley Business School where Dr Rebecca Jones is joined by Henley coaching academics, practitioners and special guests each week to discuss insights into the world of coaching.

From delving into the forefront of coaching research to hearing expert interviews and answering your own coaching questions; this podcast series seeks to open the discussion and spread knowledge on leading topics in coaching.

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Kuuntele podcast



Dr Rebecca Jones

Rebecca is an Associate Professor in Coaching at Henley Business School, the Director of the Henley Centre for Coaching and a Chartered Psychologist. Her research interests lie in examining the factors that influence coaching effectiveness. Passionate about evidence-based practice and teaching, she incorporates her research into her teaching practice at Henley’s Centre for Coaching.

Rebecca is the author of the book ‘Coaching with Research in Mind’ and has published her research in leading journals such as Academy of Management Learning & Education, the Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology and the European Journal of Work & Organizational Psychology.

Aboodi Shabi

Aboodi is a Lecturer in Coaching and Behavioural Change at Henley Business School.

He has been working in executive coaching and coach training since the mid 1990s and has several years of international coaching, training and leadership development experience. He has delivered coach-training programmes and worked with executives and teams all over the world, in sectors ranging from NGOs to financial services, pharmaceuticals and media.


Viki Rice

Viki is a Tutor at Henley Business School teaching on the Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching (PCEC). She brings with her a background in corporate coaching working with both private and public sector organisations to deepen and support coaching initiatives through 1:1 and team coaching, coaching consultancy solutions and providing CPD solutions.

Viki completed her MSc in Coaching for Behavioural Change focusing her research in Equine Coaching exploring the benefits of how working with horses and being in nature can support clients at a deep somatic level.